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If you are living in or around Burlington County NJ and looking for a reliable mobile notary service, Look no further, You have found us! We can offer our customers tons of benefits that are in addition to typical notary services. Keep reading and found out exactly what we mean.


Notary Public That Understand

Getting a document notarized can sometimes be an intimidating experience unless you are a legal professional. We totally understand that and we make it a point to assist all of our customers in exactly what they need to be done and how we can do it for them.


NJ Acknowledgments & Jurats:

Most times a customers will contact us and tell us they need a documents notarized. However when we meet up we find out that its a little more complicated that that, So we educate our customers so they can make the most affordable and best choice on HOW to get their acknowledgements or Jurats notarization completed legally and within New Jersey state guidelines.


Wells whats the process?

That’s simple, Once you contact us and let us know what you need and set an appointment, Your job is done. The rest is left to us and our experienced team of notary publics to find the best course of action for you to complete your notarization. A lot of times when a company or business requires you to get a document notarized, they are vague about the specifics. We make it easy to understand what you need to do and how it should be performed so that you are legally safe and sound.


Can I Get Mobile Notary Services Near Me?

If you are a resident of Burlington County, NJ Mercer County, NJ and Camden County, NJ then the answer is yes! We will either come to you or if you prefer you have the option to come to us. We know and understand that there is a worldwide pandemic (COVID 19) going on. So we make sure that we use and enforce strict FDA guidelines. We wear mask and use hand sanitizer before, during, and after any and all transactions with the public. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Burlington County NJ Mobile Notary Services

Contact us anytime and a professional notary will give you a evaluation on the spot, That means we will let you know exactly how we can assist you so that your notarization can get done easily and without issues. We stake our reputation on it. Contact us now 609.388.0619 or submit a message on our website